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Don’t take our word for it! See what our current and formers trainees have to say.

“Since completing my training, I’ve had lots of progression opportunities. From starting as a qualified teacher, I’ve progressed to second in department, and I am now Subject Leader for Maths.” Alex Hylan, maths teacher.

“The support and training received has been amazing. I am so glad I chose this route to complete my PGCE.” – Secondary trainee.

“The experience at STTA so far has been amazing! I can’t believe how far I’ve come!”

“I have wanted to be a teacher for such a long time but I never believed I was good enough or had enough experience to do it. STTA were so supportive in my induction process and so clear on what the year would look like that I just went with it! I am so glad I stuck with my instinct. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first half of the year training to teach, not only have I learnt so much in training sessions and university lectures/seminars, but also building lots of professional networks with so many expert colleagues. My mentor and my class teacher have been absolutely incredible, they couldn’t do enough to support me.” – SEND trainee.

“Everyone at STTA is amazing! They are so supportive and are always there if you need to email about any problems. They have made my teacher training experience so much easier and more enjoyable.”

“The best part of STTA training for me was being able to meet many other trainee teachers teaching different subjects. The peers around you can really help get you through the tough first year(s) as a teacher and I am still in touch with some now.” SEND teacher now teaching at a school in New Zealand.