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NQT Services

Support for schools with NQTs

Our Appropriate Body provides an NQT induction package for only £330 per NQT per academic year.

This package also includes training for your school's NQT tutors and mentors.

Support for NQTs

For all NQTs who are registered through us via our NQT induction package, we run a Welcome Event in early September. This provides Newly Qualified Teachers in Sheffield and Derbyshire with the opportunity to meet and network.

We also run Continual Professional Development (CPD) courses for NQTs.

Manage your NQTs via our online system

The Appropriate Body at Silverdale School in Sheffield provides a comprehensive package to enable schools who induct NQTs to fulfil their statutory obligations - all for just £110 per NQT per term. 

This all happens via a simple, on-line system.

NQT Continual Professional Development

Ensure your NQTs get the training they need.

We run a range of CPD courses for NQTs - for both primary and secondary schools. Ensure your NQTs gain a deeper understanding of the expectation of the NQT year and how to meet these expectations.

A strong track record of supporting NQTs

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