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Thinking of changing career?

Many of our trainees have had other careers, and choose to use their professional skills and experience to make a difference to young people's lives.

It's never too late to change paths

Some of our trainees come straight from university. Others have had one, two, or even several different careers before they join us. 

Whatever your story, we know that everyone brings a different set of skills and experiences. What matters most is your passion for teaching and your willingness to learn.

From Fleet Manager to Philosophy teacher

Before teaching I was running a fleet of 70, 32t lorries, working 6 till 6 Monday to Saturday with a phone on each ear constantly. I had loved university, left and not picked up a book or newspaper for years. Now I get time to read, challenge myself and students to think deeply. Teaching provides such a diverse working life which I love. It’s great to see students really stretching themselves and tackling questions that make their brains hurt.

Chris, Philosophy teacher & Head of Department

Jo, Business & Economics teacher & Head of Department

From the Finance industry to Business teaching

<p <span style="font-size: 1.3rem;">There were so many rules in banking and so little flexibility over my day to day tasks. Becoming a teacher gave me so much everyday freedom. I can choose how I teach each lesson, I can be as creative as I want, and I get to make a difference to young people"

Ruth, teacher with expertise in special needs

From Graduate Sales to Special Needs

“I originally worked in Graduate Sales and Management Training in the City and found it lacked creativity. I’ve now been teaching for 25 years and moved from my mainstream subject role to specialise in Special Needs. You never know where your interests will lead you!

A competitive salary and great benefits

You will also earn a competitive salary. You'll begin on at least £23,720 or £29,664 in inner London.

As you rise up the pay ranges, you could earn as much as £118,490 as a headteacher, in inner London.


£ 23,720


£ 118,490

Schools now have more freedom to develop their own pay policies to attract and retain the teachers who have the greatest impact on their pupils’ learning. So what you’re paid will be linked to performance and not length of service – meaning you can increase your salary faster than ever before.


Financial support while you train

There is plenty of financial support available during your teacher training – depending on the subject you want to teach.