What Next?

Still not sure what to do?

Don't worry! It's a big decision and there's a lot of information to take in.

You may still have worries or unanswered questions. Perhaps you can't quite imagine how life will be as a trainee teacher. Or you don't know how you'll manage your finances. Or you're concerned about how much time will you spend in schools, or whether you will you be left to manage a class of students all on your own.

Contact us!

These are normal questions - and we're happy to talk them through with you. Our friendly team has helped hundreds of trainees through this process.

And don't worry - we have probably been asked it before, no matter how bizarre!

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As well as contacting us, you can also download our latest Train to Teach brochure here.

What are we looking for in a candidate?

We are looking for candidates who have the potential to be an outstanding teacher with a passion for their subject.

We also welcome applicants who can demonstrate good written English, resilience, enthusiasm, confidence, the ability to be reflective and emotional intelligence.

Our interview day is designed to allow you to shine

You'll have the opportunity to discuss your skills and experience, and why you want to become a teacher. There will also be an opportunity to work with student, and to demonstrate your skills in numeracy and literacy.

Believe it or not, applicants often tell us that they have enjoyed their interview day, they also tell us that they go away feeling more confident. We’re not surprised as we work really hard to make sure you have a comfortable and pleasant day where you are treated as an individual.

Do I need School Experience?

We encourage all candidates, where possible, to provide evidence of experience gained in a school setting. However, this is not compulsory.

Want to find out more about our School Experience programme?

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